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Updated Diamond Color Chart

It has been suggested to me that the Diamond Color Chart I used before could have (and really should have) contained slightly different text which makes it more accurate, so here it is & apologies if any confusion was caused!

Diamond Color - White Diamonds - Learn Something

The finest colorless Diamonds (White) have a D rating, descending through each letter of the alphabet to Z, which describes a Diamond of light yellow, brown, or gray - uugh!

Diamond aficionados would prefer to go for a colorless Diamond with a grade of D to F - this of course is as long as they have the money to do so.

For the rest of us (or those of us with the average budget) we would more likely to go for a Diamond in the G to I Color range.

The other option that we have of course is to go for a colorless stone, but compromise on the Clarity of the Diamond, the subject of our next post. Use our Loose Diamond Search to help you establish an idea of how color affects a Diamonds price.

Let's Talk About Diamonds

Everyone knows the most popular & treasured Gemstone of all is the Diamond, so we've decided to talk about them first as a way of getting our blog going & helping those who need help.

Two well-known Diamond Quotes:
"I have never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back."
- Zsa Zsa Gabor
"Big girls need big diamonds."
- Elizabeth Taylor

Buying Diamonds can be a daunting experience, especially if you've never done it before, but owning and wearing Diamonds is never a chore and always sure to bring on the sunshine and lift your mood.

We aim to give you the opportunity to become more informed using our blog, our website and other sites that we mention or discuss as tools to increase your knowledge and comfort level before you join the ranks of proud Diamond owners & lovers all over.

You'll need to consider the
4C's closely - Cut - Color - Clarity - Carat and learn as much about them as you can, something we hope to help you with over the next few weeks, months, or as long as you need information. Never hesitate to comment, be it good or bad - we will respond promptly and do appreciate your feedback.

Until next time...

Where Do We Start?

Ok, so we have started our blog, taken care of initial design and are now ready to provide our readers with some useful, readable, educational content whilst continuing to try to develop our blog in its entirety.
The only problem we have now is where on earth to start.
Due to the sheer number of Gemstones out there, both precious and semi-precious, we have the very real dilemma of what do people want to hear about first? Perhaps you, our readers could provide us with some ideas or comments on what you want to know about what particular gem?
Thinking caps are firmly on and we promise you more content within 24 hours.

In The Beginning....The Boring Stuff.....

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