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Ideal Cut Diamonds

Ah, the creme de la creme of Diamond Cuts - Ideal.
What D is to Diamond Color and FL is to Diamond Clarity, Ideal is to Cut - absolutely the best you can get. Now a little history lesson.....
The basis of what makes up the criteria for an Ideal Cut Diamond was determined by the thesis of a young mathmatician, Marcel Tolkowsky way back in 1919. His thesis explored what made the best Cut in terms of creating the greatest fire and brilliance.
Whilst looking for an Ideal Cut Diamond, take into account the following:
Look for a Table Diameter of 52.4%-57.5%, a Crown Angle of 33.7 to 35.8 degrees, a Pavilion Depth of 42.2%-43.8%, a girdle Thickness of Thin, Medium or Slightly Thick and a Culet Size of None, Pointed, Very Small, Small, or Medium. Stick close to these guidelines and you won't go far wrong.