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Emerald Cut Diamonds

The main factor differentiating an Emerald Cut Diamond from other Cut styles is the pavilion which is generally cut with rectangular facets, designed to create a unique brilliance.

The down-side with the Emerald Cut is the fact that this particular shape serves to exaggerate the Clarity of a Diamond and does so even so much as to determine that if you were to choose an Emerald Cut Diamond with an SI1 Clarity (normally an eye-clean Clarity) you would need to take care and pay particular attention to the Diamond Certificate's plot and where what inclusions were contained.

With this shape you should really take professional advice before purchasing and adopt a look before you leap mentality so as to ensure that you get the right stone for you.

With regards to length to width ratios, acceptable ratios are widely considered to be 1.55-1.75:1, with a beautiful and very desirable shape likely to have a length to width ratio of somewhere between 1.30-1.40.

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