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Round / Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Round / Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds And so we arrive at the most popular Diamond shape / Cut today, the Round Brilliant. Always a popular shape, and for good reason: The Round Brilliant Cut follows more closely the shape of the natural Diamond crystal and as such it is possible for skilled craftsman to produce an "Ideal" Cut, completely maximizing the fire and brilliance of any given stone and releasing the scintillation from within.

The Round Brilliant Cut is the only Cut whereby if done expertly and perfectly, the "Ideal" standard can be reached. The number of considerations that have to be taken into account to accurately determine Diamond Cut grades is mind boggling, but should anyone want specific information, feel free to contact us.

One interesting point to note is that GIA (Gemological institute of America) will, in January 2006 introduce Cut reports to complement their already well-respected Diamond Grading Reports, which is something we will cover in later posts.

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