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Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamonds are not dissimilar to Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds and the brilliance they often display is very nearly equal to that of a Round Brilliant Cut. The other major positive with an Oval Cut stone is that the shape can be used to effectively accentuate longer, slender fingers.

As with all Diamonds one factor of major importance is what you, the customer wants or expects from their Diamond. What is right for one (or even the masses) may not be right for you as an individual.

Any Diamond Broker / Dealer / Retailer / eTailer worthy of your attention should offer you a reasonable time-scale with which you have the Diamond to decide whether you like it & to have it checked out independently by someone else as well if you so wish. (The usually accepted time period tends to fall anywhere between 15 and 30 days, giving you plenty of time to decide whether or not you have found the right Diamond for you).

Having said all of the above, here comes the usual length to width ratios:

Acceptable is anywhere from 1.5-1.75:1, whereas the most desirable is said to be 1.5:1.

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